Our networks

Airseas is directly involved in several game-changing associations and clusters. These initiatives share the ambition of driving the decarbonisation of the maritime industry while promoting wind energy.

More than simple labels to stick on our references, these projects are paramount. By teaming up with our peers, our influence grows. Workshops and events contribute to changing mentalities for the better and ensuring that wind propulsion, and clean technologies as a whole, become indispensable for our decarbonized future.

Sillage d'écume laissé par le passage d'un navire

Wind Ship Association – IWSA

We are members of the International Wind Ship Association, and its French subsidiary, the Association Wind Ship.
Created to accelerate the adoption of wind propulsion technologies on a large scale in order to decarbonise maritime transport, the IWSA is the voice of the developers of these technologies, federates the wind ecosystem, and facilitates meetings between the industry and institutional decision-makers. Within the Association Wind Ship, in addition to technical working groups, we participate in organising and moderating round tables at major institutional events, and meet with French and European representatives to promote our industry and its potential. We have also joined the Wind Ship Structuring Project, which seeks to strengthen our sector locally by joining forces with our peers.

Waterborne and Steerer

Waterborne is a European technology and industry platform which links the European Union and all stakeholders in the maritime sector (including ship owners, class companies, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, and research institutes). Airseas is both a member of this platform and a member of the board of STEERER for Structuring Towards Zero Emission Waterborne Transport.

STEERER is working with the European Commission to implement the European agenda and roadmap for decarbonising the maritime sector.

As an industrial member of Waterborne and the only wind equipment manufacturer, AIRSEAS has the responsibility within STEERER to promote wind propulsion and to ensure that the technology becomes an integral part of the roadmap for the decarbonisation of the maritime sector and that wind energy is considered as a central energy source alongside alternative fuels.

French Maritime Cluster

The cluster brings leading French maritime leaders together, promotes their activities, and supports them in their development to maintain the attractiveness and competitiveness of the sector. The naval cluster also strives to promote wind propulsion. Airseas is working with the CMF to this end.


The Groupement des Industries de Construction et Activités Navales (GICAN) is an association of all the actors and subcontractors of the French maritime sector, both direct and indirect. Airseas, as a marine equipment manufacturer, is working to integrate the subject of marine propulsion into the working and reflection groups.

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

The PMBA is a maritime competitiveness cluster for the French Atlantic coast. It brings together, promotes and stimulates projects carried out by naval industries. The development of Seawing was approved by the group in 2020.

Respect Ocean Association

Airseas has been a member since 2020. Founded by Raphaëla le Gouvello, the NGO encourages the development of economic activities while ensuring the preservation of oceans and marine biodiversity. Our General Secretary, Stéphanie Lesage, is also a member of the Board of Directors and participates in defining Respect Ocean’s strategic orientations and supports the NGO in its initiatives and statements.