Decarbonising the maritime sector thanks to clean, free, and unlimited energy. Wind energy.

Airseas, founded in 2016, provides the maritime sector with cutting-edge technology to propel ships, developed thanks to the transfer of our know-how from the aeronautics industry.


Learn about Seawing, our powerful, simple, smart kite system, which aims to reduce ship fuel use and associated emissions.

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About Airseas

Discover Airseas, a company committed to the energy transition and decarbonization of the maritime sector.

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Wind Propulsion

Wind propulsion will be a crucial component of tomorrow's fleets. Various solutions are already available to help maritime transport players achieve the objective of reducing their CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

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Our CSR commitments

We founded the company on strong environmental convictions. We now want to place CSR at the heart of our corporate vision.

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Airseas news

A new technical milestone for Seawing, the kite that tows ships

We have reached an important technical milestone in the Seawing sea trials, with the successful validation of traction flights on the vessel Ville de Bordeaux. ...

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Here’s why shipping needs to start treating wind power as an essential propulsion source

En traitant la propulsion éolienne comme une source de propulsion, plutôt que comme une mesure d'efficacité, nous pouvons commencer à exploiter le vent dans tout le secteur....

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Seawing takes off!

How sea trials are bringing our unique wind-assisted technology to life...

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