Stronger CSR for higher ambitions

The ocean is a crucial issue in the fight against climate change. This is why, at Airseas, we place the decarbonization of maritime transport at the very heart of our purpose. Our ambition? To unleash the full potential of our talents and disruptive technology to contribute to a low-carbon future.

“Shipping is the backbone of our global economy. It is as vital as it is responsible for a significant share of CO2 emissions. Our mission is to put all our know-how, experience and technology at the service of the positive transformation of the sector”.

 Vincent Bernatets, CEO – Airseas

Our oceans play a central role in climate regulation and are an incredible reservoir of heat, biodiversity and natural wealth. Today, global warming poses a serious threat to their well-being, including rising temperatures, sea levels and acidification.

Protecting and decarbonizing the ocean: top priorities

“Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.”

Dr. Sylvia Earle – Oceanographer

Maritime transport, a highly globalized sector, is responsible for about 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is still very dependent on fossil fuels. Like other sectors of the economy, maritime freight must accelerate its transformation as its emissions continue to rise.

Our purpose:

Unleashing the full potential of wind to accelerate the transition of shipping to a low-carbon future.

That’s why we strive to unlock the potential of an incredible and unlimited natural resource: wind energy. By combining kite technology with the proven performance of control systems from the aeronautical industry, we are writing a new chapter in marine transportation: the wind energy era, for a more efficient and responsible future.

Seawing – a vital technology for the maritime energy transition

Test engineer looks at the wing deployed on the mast.
Photo credits : PolaRYSE

Our automated kite concept aims to tow commercial cargo ships weighing up to 200,000 tons and works as an auxiliary to the ship’s existing engines. Harnessing the power of the wind, Seawing‘s 1,000 square meter canopy (flying at an altitude of 300 meters) has the potential to save about 20% of fuel over time.

The challenge of complementarity.

It is estimated that there are more than 28,000 vessels over 5,000 tons in operation worldwide. Considering the urgency of the climate change situation, we cannot wait or count on replacing the current global fleet with new generation vessels (which would be extremely costly and impactful). That is why it is vital for us to equip existing fleets. We are proud to offer a technology that is 100% complementary to current and new-generation propulsion systems.

Data, a source of efficiency and performance

Our control interface also plays an important role in ensuring energy efficiency in the operation of our system. Our EcoRouting solution allows vessels to maximize their use of the kite through a complete reading of the weather conditions and the optimization of trajectories.

Our technology places the kite in its ideal flight window to maximize pulling power and fuel savings. With our concept, based on digitally calculated scenarios, the kite adjusts its position according to the wind direction and speed, as well as the speed and course of the vessel. This optimizes performance, reducing engine effort and generating maximum efficiency.

A test engineer who communicates with the teams on the boat deck from the wheelhouse.
Photos credits : PolaRYSE
"Sea Asia" trade show in 2021

A committed company implies responsible governance

At Airseas, we believe that carrying out a positive impact mission is only possible by establishing governance standards on par with our challenges. That’s why, from our territorial commitment to the responsible management of our offices, we work to engage all our stakeholders to give ever-greater strength and meaning to our actions.

Reducing the environmental impact of maritime transport implies eco-responsible activities, in-house“.
Vincent Bernatets

A local company with a global impact

We are a French company committed to the development of our territories and those of our local partners. Since 2022, Airseas has been proudly integrated into the technological, industrial and maritime ecosystem of Nantes and has been working to forge strong links with all the players in the region, particularly those in the supply chain of the naval industries of the Pays de la Loire.

Intrinsically local and resolutely global, we are strengthening our connections with all our international customers while ensuring the development of our know-how, from our new site in Bas-Chantenay in Nantes.

An inspiring work environment

A building with a high level of environmental quality.

Offices and a prototyping center located next to each other for a privileged collaboration between our engineers and technicians.

A location in a fast-changing area home to many innovative companies and start-ups in the maritime and marine renewable energy sectors.

The Brick inside
Photos credits : Valéry Joncheray – courtesy of Nantes Métropole Aménagement

Empowering our teams, every day.

Organization of thematic events (climate fresco).

Making transportation and travel more responsible (promoting soft mobility)

Responsible waste management.

Le Brick - Atrium

Long live tomorrow

After carrying out a carbon assessment in 2022 and implementing immediate measures, such as introducing a better waste management system and strengthening our soft mobility policy, our priority is to improve our responsibility strategy by further involving our stakeholders. To this end, we are setting up a mission committee composed of employees, suppliers and customers. This committee will help us use shared feedback to guide our strategy.

To maximize the control of the solutions we put on the market, we have also prioritized launching a life cycle analysis of our products in 2023. This will help us measure the quantifiable effects of our solutions and implement the necessary measures to reduce our footprint…and boost our impact.