Production site

Our know-how is currently concentrated in our development and manufacturing site in Chantenay (Nantes, France) and is undergoing a complete overhaul.

In a buoyant and dynamic eco-system, close to Saint-Nazaire, Airseas is committed to a holistic approach to production, with a view to total control of its entire value chain. By 2025, we plan to open our first production site to scale up the production of our kites.

Prototyping workshop – Nantes, Bas-Chantenay

Driven by performance, our teams in the workshop focus on
the different systems that make Seawing technology possible, including the POD: an automaton weighing more than 300kg designed to pilot the wing. Today, we assemble and manufacture – in-house – the vast majority of the parts.

To further internalize the manufacturing of the wing (its development is ensured by our French partner Nervures), we have recently recruited two seamstresses. And additional recruitment is already underway.

Our objective is to accelerate the growth and diversification of our skills, directly on our site in Nantes.

Agility, a priority.

Airseas emphasizes horizontal management for prototyping and manufacturing. Seamless dialogue between designers and manufacturers fosters our expertise and agility.

Le Brick, bâtiment situé à Chantenay
Photo © Valéry Joncheray, courtoisie de Nantes Métropole Aménagement

Meeting our ambitions

Zero defects – a gold standard

Airseas is committed to a drastic quality approach. With its upstream team, accompanied by test engineers, each sub-assembly undergoes a rigorous testing campaign, allowing our manufacturing to meet safety and excellence standards specific to the aeronautical industry.

Our site is open to our customers and prospects. We give paramount importance to collaboration and co-creation. Because that’s how we can meet our ambition for operational performance.

Join us!

Airseas is a rapidly developing company, and will soon be moving towards industrialisation. We are looking for new profiles on a regular basis.

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