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By developing a wind propulsion system that combines the best of kite technology and the excellence of the aeronautical industry in terms of control systems, Seawing unlocks the full potential of wind power for the maritime industry.

Our proven know-how and creative energy not only contribute to decarbonizing the future of maritime transport, but also enable our customers to comply with the new CII(1) regulations.

(1) Carbone Intensity Indicator

First steps

Ville de Bordeaux - Louis Dreyfus Armateurs
Crédits : PolaRYSE / Maxime Horlaville
Ville de Bordeaux – Louis Dreyfus Armateurs
Credits : PolaRYSE / Maxime Horlaville

Our commitment is clear: we are committed to putting our technical and technological expertise at the service of the performance and ecological transition of maritime transport.

Overview of Airseas full support

• Ship/Fleet diagnosis

• Integration study in collaboration with ship owners, naval architects, classification societies, port operators, etc.

• Order, including the option to book a delivery/installation slot.
Installation of the interface on-site (usually conducted during one of the ship’s periodic technical stops).

• Quick installation (within one day) of the Seawing system directly on the vessel during a port visit.

Anticipation leads to greater efficiency

Our teams are mobilized to meet your expectations and react effectively to planning constraints. As each solution is developed on a turnkey basis, anticipating a return to quay and/or dry docking is a key factor for serenity and operational performance. Staying one step ahead contributes to preserving the efficiency of scheduled commercial shipping routes.

Ship set-up

With a proper dockside crane, the installation of the Seawing on the deck takes no more than a day. It can therefore be done during a routine commercial call of the ship. After the equipment is bolted down, an electrical and communication connection to the ship’s system is made.

In other words, we make sure that the integration of our technology is the least restrictive possible. Our solution has been designed with the ambition to have a minimal footprint on the ship and also on the operations on board. Naturally, an onboarding phase with the concerned professionals is preferable. Its goal ? To help stakeholders apprehend Seawing and reveal how our solution can contribute to the positive transformation of the activity.

Seawing – a solution suitable for any type of vessel.

The Seawing system was installed in Bordeaux in just one day.
Crédits : PolaRYSE

Commissioning and first steps with the system

Airseas supports all its customers in their cooperation with classes, architects and shipyards in order to facilitate the Seawing project. At the same time, we train your crews to familiarize them with our technology. Acting as a trusted industrial partner is at the heart of our DNA.

We are also committed to offering a full range of customer services, operational 24/7. It includes technical expertise and operational support. Our teams also work in close collaboration with our clients’ marketing and communication departments in order to give extra strength and cohesion to communication regarding Seawing.

At Airseas, we are also strengthening our presence in major maritime locations, contributing to the development of our international clients. We are already present in Saint-Nazaire and La Rochelle in France and will soon have a permanent presence in Japan following the formation of a new team based in Sasebo.

Seawing benefits

Minimize the environmental footprint of your fleet while maximizing its operational and commercial impact. Choosing Seawing from Airseas means:

Limiting your energy expenses and supporting your business development.

Developing greener ships and fleets.

Cultivating a competitive advantage in terms of reputation and environment.

Benefiting from incentives offered by port operators.

Taking advantage of a transferable technology from one vessel to another.

Choosing automation. (Seawing is operated directly from the bridge. The ship’s operating staff is not required to run the system).  

Benefiting from the proven reliability of the aeronautical industry.

Seawing hooked up to its automated mast.
Credits : PolaRYSE

Reaching new heights with Seawing

Seawing can exploit high winds – more stable and stronger than at sea or deck level – which make our technology one of the most efficient WASP solutions.

Credits : PolaRYSE


Airseas is also a collective of experts at the service of professionals striving to release their full potential. We provide a consulting service that includes personalized prospective/predictive studies, studies for future constructions, formalization of customized budgetary solutions, etc.

The ships we equip

Airseas equips all types of vessels: bulk carriers, PCTC/PCC, Tankers, Gas Carriers, Ro-Ro vessels, etc.

Our solution is particularly adapted to vessels of more than 50,000 DWT.

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